About Mehr-e Giah Corp

Herbs are gifts from Mother Nature and have been placed as humans' basic nutriment.

Despite herbs curative and preventive action on many diseases, using them just as a medicine would be disgrace to the nature.

Since man is also part of the nature, the more he approaches to the nature and benefits from it, he would have more healthy life and live longer.

According to this belief Mehr-e-giah Company started to produce something from the heart of nature as mixed herbal teas which have no unnatural additives or flavors and no chemical preserver.

Using high quality pure natural ingredients, advanced machinery and also enjoying modern design and packaging has unveiled the spirit of health and peace which is singly hidden inside all this plants for consumers to benefit from its affecting properties which is chiefly, physical and mental improvement and health.


Mehr-e-giah (may apple) which has a human shaped root has a deep background in Iranian ancient myth. Mehr-e-giah (may apple) in Persian means the plant of affection and love.

They believed that everyone who had the plant would be loved by everyone.